What Happens If You Are Dealing With Marijuana Charges?

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Marijuana charges are a very serious offense, but through the help of an attorney you will be able to get out from such untoward situation. As a good citizen, you should be completely aware of the fact that any illicit drug charges can greatly affect your reputation and your life in general. You will be dealing with harsh penalties regardless if you are arrested for possession, distribution, and even growing marijuana. Of course, you have the right to defend yourself, but the best way of defending yourself is by hiring the service of Medical Marijuana Attorneys. They are expert in handling your case, know the ins and outs of the marijuana laws, and have vast experience in handling marijuana cases.

The marijuana law

Many states in the United States want to legalize the use of Medical Marijuana or de-criminalize the use of the drug. Research showed that there are so many medical benefits associated with the use of marijuana. However, it is still uncertain as to how everything will come out in the end. The use of marijuana is still not permitted up to this day and that if you are caught using it, you will be arrested for all levels of possessions in every state. Lawyers handling criminal cases reported that most of the cases they are handling are marijuana related cases. If you are facing marijuana charges, do not lose hope because you are not alone in your battle. All you need to do is to hire the service of Medical Marijuana Attorneys and you will have a higher chance of winning your case.

What are the consequences of using marijuana?

You might think that you don’t exactly need the service of a criminal lawyer because marijuana charges are minor. This is the common mistake that most people have in mind. Being charged with marijuana may cause you facing a very serious consequence depending on the circumstance, record, and the judge at that particular day. A permanent marijuana record can greatly reflects your mistakes, which in turn reduces your chance of getting employed, facing heavy fines, and a possible jail time. In fact, in some states if you are facing marijuana charges, then your driver’s license can be suspended.

Your primary goal is to be acquitted on all charges. However, this can be very difficult to achieve given the fact that prosecutors are also doing their best to win the case. They will present evidence strong enough to convict you. Hence, you need to hire the service of the best marijuana lawyers to best represent you during the trial process. The lawyer will do the best he can to protect your rights as well as explore all other possible alternatives to harsh punishments. The drug assistance program is available and most lawyers will be able to argue their use as an alternative to strict punishments. You have to keep in mind that the lawyer representing you will do everything to lessen if not totally avoid jail time and conviction.

Reasons To Seek Help From Marijuana Attorneys In Michigan

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Although it is often taken for a recreational drug, marijuana has been widely used for a few centuries against a series of different affections. Problems like glaucoma, migraines, arthritis or the Alzheimer’s disease have been successfully ameliorated and prevented with a regular and mild consumption of marijuana. With all these, the government has banned it in 1937. It is true that there were no scientific studies to backup its uses and effects. But today, everything has changed. Marijuana has been studied in small details and represents the safest solution for a series of problems. You no longer have to dope your body with all sorts of harmful chemicals that cause side effects and addiction. Moreover, marijuana does not cause a thousand deaths every year, like aspirin.

According to most medical marijuana attorneys, The State of Michigan has recently enacted the laws on a safe consumption of medical marijuana. But with all these, it looks like most law enforcement agencies and individuals tend to ignore it a little. Practically, the past months have brought in a wide variety of abuses made by prosecutors and the police. They keep acting like nothing has actually changed. Medical marijuana consumers with papers and prescriptions are arrested and charged as if it is still illegal. Believe it or not, the number of arrests has even increased.

Sadly enough, the misconceptions on the consumption of marijuana are still causing a lot of trouble. It might take a lot of time until the modern society can get rid of them. After all, marijuana has less side effects and better main effects than any other painkiller on the market. Even Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on weed. If law enforcement agencies believe that arresting medical marijuana consumers is the best way to prevent abuses, they are wrong. There are many other painkillers with similar effects, including euphoria. They are available to anyone out there and the worst part is that their side effects are often fatal.

All in all, if you ever find yourself charged for possessing marijuana with medicinal purposes and you have all the papers to prove it, looking for marijuana attorneys in Michigan is your best solution in order to get out of trouble. You are the victim of an abuse and unless you deal with such things on a daily basis, you probably do not even know what your rights are, hence the necessity of a lawyer. You have to look for someone who deals with such cases even since the act has been enacted. The experience is crucial in this domain. The lawyer might make the difference between a successful case and a few months in jail.

Finally, with all the late changes on the state laws regarding the medical marijuana consumption, it is important to realize that an aggressive behavior towards the patients asks for an aggressive behavior in court and a harsh team of marijuana attorneys in Michigan. The community is small and blamed, but the laws are the same to everyone. Just because someone else cannot understand the benefits of marijuana, it does not mean that you should ignore its legal consumption.

The Role And Function Of A Marijuana Lawyer

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Marijuana is a type of herb known for its medicinal benefits, but its use is strongly prohibited because of strong effect to the body. There is a very strict law concerning marijuana including the use, possession, growing, distribution, transporting, as well as selling of marijuana. If you are caught with marijuana, then you will be facing strict consequences, but sometimes the risk of marijuana use is outweighed by necessity. If you are facing such problem today, then hiring an attorney can significantly make a huge difference.

The lawyer is knowledgeable about marijuana laws including the actual arrest, interrogation, and investigation process. If you get caught with marijuana in your possession, then you will surely face potential penalties. The severity of the penalty varies depending on the amount of drug. Basically, you will end up in jail or electronic monitoring. You will also expect fines and in some cases forfeiting some property and driver’s license too. There is also a tendency of losing job. Aside from these, the court will also ask you to undergo drug counseling and a community service. To lessen the amount of consequence, it would help a lot if you are going to hire the service of Lansing marijuana lawyer.

What can a marijuana lawyer do for you?

Lansing marijuana lawyer will help you understand several factors affecting the consequences you are currently facing. The severity of your penalty will be greatly affected by your age as well as the age of the people involved. The consequence is stronger if there are minors involved. The same thing goes if you are a repeat offender. Aside from that, the court will also want to find out if you have drug paraphernalia with you during the time you were arrested. Drug paraphernalia includes:

• Scales
• Large stash of cash
• Bags used for selling the drugs

Your lawyer will take into account this evidence and will write off as circumstantial. The main job of a medical marijuana attorney is to help you get the least possible consequences or if possible completely erase the charges filed against you. The lawyer will do all his best to arrange a plea bargain on your behalf. He will also represent you and stand in with you during the interrogation process. He will guide you and help you in saying the right thing and instruct you to avoid saying things that can further implicate you.

The marijuana lawyer will also help you understand the process and what to expect during the entire process. For example, if you are arrested for carrying a very small amount of drug, then you will expect dismissal of the case or a very light consequence. This is only made possible if you are going to hire the service of the best marijuana lawyer in your state. Regardless of whatever charges you are facing right now, you should keep in mind that you still have the legal right. Before heading onto the court, it would be a smart decision to hire a marijuana lawyer to thoroughly inform you about your rights so that you can protect yourself throughout the course of the court process.